Choosing the Right Healer

I believe that every healing journey begins with an honest and open assessment of what you need and a determination of whether or not I am the right healer for you at this point in time. Because of this, please write or call me before scheduling an appointment so that we can determine that your goals are in alignment with my areas of expertise and knowledge. I am a Retired Licensed Naturopathic Physician but now my primary focus is ThetaHealing, which can be used to clear a wide variety of blocks and issues that may or may not be related to a physical health problem at this time. If you are having a physical health problem, however, my background and training can help me to give you a wider and more educated perspective on all your healing options and better assess and clarify healing suggestions given to you by the Creator of All that Is during your sessions.

Services and Costs

The services that I provide are described further below.

All Locations and Skype - ThetaHealing, Counseling, and Lifestyle Guidance

I provide ThetaHealing, counseling, and lifestyle guidance appointments. ThetaHealing appointments are 45 minutes ($125) or 75 minutes ($200), and other non-medical appointments are $75 per half hour. Your appointment can involve either a ThetaHealing or counseling session or analysis and guidance on improving your diet and lifestyle, with recommendations on supplements and suggested treatment options for diagnosed health problems provided where appropriate. ThetaHealing can involve healing or general communications with your Angels and/or departed loved ones, or work on non-health-related areas of your life such as Abundance or Love. You can combine them and have ThetaHealing, counseling, and/or lifestyle guidance at the same appointment but please schedule a combined appointment of at least 1.5 hours when you do so, since each type of appointment generally requires at least 45 minutes.

All Locations - Remote Urgent/Instant Healing/Viewing ThetaHealing Sessions

Whenever possible, I provide ThetaHealing remote instant healing sessions for $25 each, with communication by phone, text, Skype, or email. To request an instant healing, please contact me with the issue that you would like to address, or state that you want a general instant healing, and I will do the session as soon as possible and reply to you after the instant healing session is complete with any information that I receive from the Creator during the session. These sessions are available for people, animals, and locations, and generally you will receive the healing - and response email - within one day of contacting me, and often within a few hours. If the situation is urgent, please alert me to the needed time frame and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. In these cases, please also feel free to call me at 520-312-4220 to confirm that I can schedule your session within the time that you need it.

Optional Charges

Additional optional charges include a house call charge within my local area of $50.